Monday, 30 June 2008

Scripting in Kontakt

Electronic Musician has an article on Scripting in Kontakt; it is aimed primarily at v3 but it seems as though everything would apply to v2 as well.

It takes you through how to declare variables, set up interface controls, handle note handling and MIDI controllers. It also gives you some basic example scripts that you can use as a starting point for your own custom scripts.

Another useful site is Nils Liberg's Scripting Tools. Here he offers a freeware script editor specifiaclly designed for handling Kontakt Script code - this is useful as it includes many helpful features such as highlighted syntax code which will make it easier to produce complex scripts. He also offers some of his own custom scripts for download which you can either use as is or edit/tweak them to suit your specfic needs. Nils has also written a fairly comprehensive scripting tutorial which you can access from his site.

Another useful resource is the Kontakt forum on the Virtual Instrument Composers Forum which has regular posts discussing scripting and other Kontakt based issues.

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