Monday, 18 August 2008

MaxMSP article - LFO's

There is an article on the cycling74 website that explains how to set up a set of LFO's all of which run perfectly in sync with each other. The article also discusses other LFO related techniques such as recoginising when the waveform has restarted, summing all available waveforms together, etc...

There are example patches to download and experiemnt.
LFO's can be useful for creating rhythmical variations in your music/sounds.

The second installment in this series of articles is now available here. This article looks at using the LFO system created previously to actually drive parameters of a synth in order to produce sound.

The third installemnt in this series is now available here. This article introduces a few minor modification s that give the final patch more flexibility and variability. It also introduces some new objects that when used in conjunction with the [transport] object can be used to create time-specific changes within your patch.
The author also provides an .mp3 recording of his patch in action.

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