Monday, 13 October 2008

Kosmix - alternative search engine

Kosmix is a relatively new search engine that works slightly differently to google.
"Kosmix scours the Web to automatically generate home pages for any topic. We strive to connect you to the information that makes a difference in your life. Spend less time searching and more time exploring, discovering and learning."

"Kosmix does standard searches, but it delivers your results by assembling complex “topic pages” on the fly so that you can investigate your search topic from many angles. Kosmix is partnered with many services, so some of the results come from partners, and others are gathered from applying your search string to video libraries and other sources."

This is probably a good alternative to google when you are conducting preliminary research into a topic and are looking for a wide variety of info as opposed to a specific 'answer'

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Anonymous said...

Another new search engine that I find interesting is, do check them out!