Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Team Working

There's an article on gamastura discussing how to build a functioning and effective team.
Whilst the article is aimed primarily at games companies, it does have some useful tips for groups working in any field.
"A team is made up of individuals who perform unique tasks, and when combined, produce a finished product that is greater than the sum of its parts. You want team members to do their best and be ready to help others, so you need to promote a sense of cohesion; the team will only succeed if everyone works together. Your team should be able to generate their own tasks, tackle problems, agree on solutions and implement their decisions with confidence."

Some of the key points are:
- Set appropriate goals: These will need to be monitored and adjusted if necessary.
- Identify appropriate measurements: This should be done both individuallu and as a team. Team members should document their progress through these measurements.
- Conduct regular team reviews: Both as a whole team and with sub-groups/individual members. Check performance against objectives. All team members should be aware of their responsibilities.

A couple of quotes:
"Milestones are vital to the team's process (and to getting paid!) They ensure that a product is delivered to specification (and customer satisfaction), that team members adhere to schedules and budgets, and quality standards are met. They also tend to be the basis for individual and team rewards over and above normal compensation."

"Set realistic deadlines (remember to multiply all estimates by 1.5 to allow for unforeseen obstacles and a tendency on anyone's part, including yours, to think you can get the work done faster.) Don't promise the sky unless the team (a) agrees and (b) can reasonably deliver on the promise."

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