Friday, 17 October 2008

RJDJ - music app for iphone

Got an iphone? Get RJDJ!
RJDJ is an app for the iphone that generates original interactive music/sounds based on sensory input from the microphone, camera and accelerometers of the iphone.
The software for RJDJ is written in pd, the open-source alternative to MaxMSP.
"Instead of just evolving and allowing inputs, it makes use of the iPhone microphone and sensors to respond to your environment. Not only does the music change, but it changes because of where you are and what you’re doing. The creators describe the effect:

The world around you will sound different or suddenly become part of a song. Some scenes sound best in certain situations like walking through the city, being alone, or making music with your friends. You can also record your mind twisting hearing sensations and listen to them later just like a normal music title.

RjDj affects the perception of your reality. It is the soundtrack to your life."

via create digital music

Some video demos of RJDJ in action:

The "single' version of RJDJ is free, but only comes with one "scene" (a scene is essentially a patch that produces sound in a particular style), while the "album" version which comes with multiple scenes is $2.99 (at the time of writing).
As the app uses pd as its audio engine it is possible to create your own "scenes" and load them into RJDJ in order to create your own unique auditory experience.

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